Bucket List

In August 2010 I decided to update and publish my bucket list! Since then, I have enjoyed reading the lists of fellow travelers and find myself adding new items from time to time.

That being said, I figured it was time to display the list in a more prominent position than simply being listed in one post.

If I haven’t seen your bucket list before, please share :-)

This first second was possibly the best part of the jump

My “It doesn’t happen to you, you happen to life” List


Be in Dublin, Ireland on March 17. March 2010
Spend a week in California by 2010. April 2008
Go to Las Vegas again. March 2006
Live in another country for a year. May ’10 – April ’11
Welcome a new year in front of the Sydney Opera House and Bridge. NYE 2011
– Travel around India with a friend (and be there for Holi).
– Take my friend up on her offer to visit her in Greece in the summer.
– Get messy in Spain at La Tomatina.
– Experience a hamam…I wanted to in Istanbul and didn’t.
– Eat up at Eurochocolate, Europe’s largest chocolate festival in Italy.
– Spend time in New Zealand.
– Visit Thailand, Malayasia, & Singapore.
– See the Petronas Towers, Taipei 101, and Burj Dubai.
– Visit southern and southeastern Africa.
– Travel through Patagonia and visit Peru.
– Take a microlight flight over Victoria Falls.
– Antarctica!
– See the northern lights.
– Spend the night in an ice hotel.
– Find a partner and do a massive American road trip, complete with tons of crazy stops.
– Find the perfect hat, dress up & attend the Kentucky Derby.


Do a tandem skydive. July 2007
Deliver a karaoke performance. July 2010
– Zip line. Somewhere, anywhere!
– Skinny dip in the ocean.


– Hike part of the AT with a friend.
– Do a 5k and run the entire thing.
– Take Bhangra and/or Bollywood dance classes.


– Walk in the snow whenever I have the chance.
– Learn how to make various types of espresso drinks from a barista.
– Kiss in the rain.
– Be an extra in a movie.
– Take a photography class.
– Take drum lessons…I have wanted to play since I was 16.
– Take a sign language class…have been interested since I was very young.

GOALS (and not so much bucket list-ish)

– Visit NYC at least once every three years.
– Visit my friends in London at least once every five years.
– Go to the Outer Banks of North Carolina (OBX) each summer as I have for all but five years of my life.
– Invest time and money learning how to cook. I bake, but I rarely cook, and I am sure I would love it if I tried.
– Relearn Spanish so I don’t put all of those years of high school and early college study to waste.
– Resume baking gluten and dairy-free recipes once I have the ingredients and a kitchen again. (check out the foodie sites on my Links page)
– Resume Turbo Jam and Zumba workouts as soon as possible (i.e., when I can take a class or have a DVD player).
– Volunteer with an organization at least once every two weeks when I’m settled/living in one place.
– Work for organizations that promote healthy lifestyles and have a positive culture.
– Continue performing in plays at church once I’m back home.

And there you have it! While I’m not guaranteed a tomorrow to tackle the list, hopefully I have many more to come.