A Few of My Favorite Things

A Few of My Favorite Things

Written by Heather

Topics: Planning & Reflection

Sports. Eating healthy foods. Baking. Dark chocolate. Survivor and The Amazing Race. These are a few of my favorite things!

Recently I watched The Sound of Music for the first time in years, and “My Favorite Things” inspired me to write about a few of my own — things that make me smile, that I’ll miss when I’m gone, or that I love about Australia and can’t wait to see/taste/experience again.

I love a good salad and had this one in Berlin:

Crazy good and pretty Thai salad

In fact, I love salads so much that Sumo Salad became a staple during my first trip to Oz. I fully intend on starting a “Sumo Salad Stats” series of posts upon arrival. It’s tasty. It’s healthy. And in the first few months while I’m constantly on the go, it will be more convenient than buying separate ingredients to make my own. I ♥ Sumo Salad.

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Jon's a Blues fan, but we watched State of Origin with him anyway
Me and Nicole watching a State of Origin match from an Irish pub in Barcelona with a Blues fan from Australia. (2008)

Pictured above: Ampelmann from Berlin; ice cream and baklava from Mado in Istanbul; and the Cascades in Giles County, Virginia

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  1. J.L.S. says:

    Ummm…that salad looks amazing! I’m definitely going to enjoy keeping up with your adventures – how exciting!

  2. Samuel says:

    ummmm ya what about sam?…….. im sure sam is a favorites thing too right?
    But ya J.L.S is completely correct that salad looks simply delightful!
    cant wait to see what new stuff you get to put up when you get out there..

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