Guest Post: 5 Things to Expect From London Fashion Week

Written by Heather

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Although I had my modeling debut in Australia, I’m no fashionista in everyday life. BUT, I’ve loved watching Project Runway, especially when the designers show their collections at New York Fashion Week. Maybe one day when Gav and I visit our family and friends in London, we’ll go during London Fashion Week! Today’s guest post comes from Cass Brookes, a fashion blogger who also loves to travel.

We are all gearing up for the next London Fashion week and the excitement can be felt across the globe. So in the weekly run up to the main event, what can we actually expect from the next seasons shows? Here are 5 of the proposed trends that we will most likely be wearing next year.

Pinks, Pastels and Nudes


There is always going to be a color that is picked as the hottest for next season, last year it was blue, but this year is predicted to see the return of the feminine pinks. Although we cannot be sure of what shade the designers are going to go for this year, expect to see pastels come back as well as nudes that offer a hint of pinks.

Unlike last spring’s blues, pinks are not always as easy to wear. If your skin tone doesn’t quite work with pink, then opt for hints of the ‘it’ shade. Bring out the color through your shoes, a patterned skirt or a dip hem blouse. So, do some research, have a look at Liveclothing or similar to see what is available for you.

Virtual reality

Yes you did read the correctly. With the world of technology moving so fast, it is not such a far step to take to believe that the runways will also move with the times. The predicted suggestion is that we will see a heavy move into the world of virtual reality amongst the shows, from the back drops, too singers long passed being brought back to life.

However, the most exciting idea is that notion of the virtual will be brought into the clothing. How will this happen? We will have to wait and see.

Grunge, Rock and Raves

Traditionally music culture is often seen on the catwalks and this season’s London Fashion Week looks set to continue the trend. From leather mini skirts through to studded boots, it is proposed that we will see it all. The best thing about the revival of these trends is that they create entertaining fashion shows. From hair and makeup that is bold, through to the backdrop of the greatest concerts.

If you feel like channeling your inner rock chick then look for statement pieces such as heavy metal rings and of course the leather biker jacket.

The Highest of the High Heels


As always, fashion weeks would not be the same without sky scarper heels. It was only 2011 that the last model to take a runway tumble did so and we can expect to see the wobble again. This year’s prediction comes in the form of peep toe platforms, which a lot of us will be very excited about. We have yet to see if the designers will bring back the front foot platform that leaves the models with zero support for their heels, but either way expect bright colors and 7 inch heels.

For a more modest take on this look, and one that you can walk in, look for cork wedges and patent uppers.

The Shaket

This is the final prediction and possibly the one that we may not have hit the nail on the head with, but the shaket (a cross between a jacket and a shrug) looks set to be the latest love it or hate it trend. How do you wear this unusual notion? Well that will have to be determined by the catwalks, but leather skinny pants and ballet flats look to be the way forward.

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