3 goals for 2013

3 goals for 2013

Written by Heather

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It’s nearly mid-February, and I’m just now sharing my goals for 2013 with you. Part of the reason for the delay? I’ve been busy working on and enjoying goal #1! The other reason? In typical Heather fashion, I wanted to think about them for a while — and then think some more — before making them public.

#1 Continue to explore the interest in food


If you read the “4 goals for 2012 — how did I do?” post, you’ll know that continuing to explore my interest in food was one of the four in 2012 — and it was the only one where I made any significant progress!


Since food-loving Heather isn’t going anywhere soon, the goal is back for 2013, and I’m already MAKING THIS ONE HAPPEN.

What’s foodie Heather got in store?

★ Offer to be a recipe tester whenever the opportunity presents itself (already tested for one blogger and will share the recipe once it’s ready)
★ Attend/participate in food-related events (two in January alone!)
★ Taste new foods
★ Visit new (for me) restaurants
★ Bake and cook new recipes
★ Continue reading the food blogs I subscribe to and frequently visit Foodgawker and Pinterest for more ideas
★ Better organize my recipes (because I have heaps of great ones and want to work my way through them all)
★ Continue enjoying and exploring my healthy eating habits (gluten, casein, and soy free due to sensitives, along with eating vegetarian dinners the majority of the week)
★ Keep reading and watching information about food policy, factory farming, and the future of the food industry (like following Food Democracy and the food section of Take Part)

I’m excited just typing all of this — I think it’s gonna be a GREAT year for this goal.


#2 Apply time and project management skills to owning 3 projects

I love taking on a project, developing a list of everything that needs to get done, and brainstorming the best ways to make it happen prior to the deadline.

To Do's

But let me tell you, in the last year, time and project management hasn’t come as naturally as they used to.

I think it’s because I’ve had SO many big “projects” and life changes going on that just focusing on one or two wasn’t an option. Every time I gathered the energy to tackle one, I was distracted by something important for another. I’ve managed several projects simultaneously at work before, but this last year has been — different. It was easy to feel that I was doing quite a bit without accomplishing much. Ugh. Hate when that happens.

This year, I have three projects that I not only want/need to take on but also want to OWN.

★ Finalize financial, logistical, and creative decisions for our May wedding and have an awesome day with friends and family
★ Research and plan a fun honeymoon to Hawaii, featuring lots of adventure, food, and relaxation
★ Take all of the articles, ideas, and research I’ve tucked away for “Heather’s remote-work lifestyle plan” and create an action plan to START MAKING MY NEXT DREAM REALITY

Wedding planning has not been the fun process I thought it would be. In fact, it’s been downright stressful. No one really tells you that (well, expect some of the contributors at A Practical Wedding), or it’s quite possible that the majority of women find it to be the opposite.

2 of 7 boards I have dedicated to various aspects of the wedding

I care about Gavin, seeing our friends and family, good food, and good photography, but I have little interest in sorting out the centerpieces, decorations, and other “extra” bits. Our budget is limited. And you can still do a lot on a budget, but it’s been more difficult than I ever imagined to figure out how to make it all work.

On the other hand, I’m REALLY looking forward to the honeymoon. Gav and I have our first trip away together! OUR FIRST. And it will be the first time to Hawaii for both of us. So while I don’t want to schedule every minute or even every day, I do want to learn what we can see, do, and eat during our stay on the Big Island and Maui. I know “Hawaii” and “on a budget” don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand, but I’ll be looking for ways to maximize our budget while still having a blast.


And the remote work thing? The plan is to dive into that project mid-year.

#3 Reconnect with old friends and deepen existing relationships

“Every little piece of your life will mean something to someone”, lyrics from a song by the Editors, are words I’ve often thought about.

In one respect, I think about and appreciate how various people have touched my life in big and small ways over the years. On the other hand, it also makes me sad to think about the host of people that have come and gone from my life, due to moves, school, life changes, and naturally growing apart.

Some of my roommates our first year of college

Currently, my friends are so widespread across the US and world that I rarely get to spend time with them in person. Email, Skype, and the phone are all great alternatives, but I’ve still felt out of touch and pretty darn lonely for most of 2012.

There’s so much I could say here, but I think for now I’ll keep it short. That, and I’ve started this section five times within the last 20 minutes and keep deleting what I’ve written.

In 2013 I want to:

★ Be a better friend, sister, daughter, wife
★ Invest more time in people
★ Listen more, talk less


I hope your 2013 is off to a great start and you make progress toward your goals, big and small, this year!

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  1. Laura says:

    These are GREAT goals! I can’t imagine planning a wedding- I helped my sister with hers and there’s just so many details! I have found it really hard to organize my time and hope, like you, to be better at managing projects this year. Don’t stress too much about the wedding as it really is about spending the day with the people you love :)

    • Heather says:

      Laura, it’s been so tricky! I *know* that it’s really about spending the day with people I love, but I still find myself getting lost in some of the details and wanting things to be pretty…not elegant or perfect, but pretty and presentable. In my mind, I’m heaps more crafty than I actually am. And the wedding has once again taught me that I like to take ownership of projects (as a perfectionist and someone willing to put in long hours to have a top notch finished product) and it’s hard for me to give things to other people sometimes. Growth moments!

  2. Mom says:

    Laura has great advice! “Don’t stress too much about the wedding.” Mom is here to do all she can! You will be blogging about your wedding in the very near future.

    • Heather says:

      Mom, you have been a ROCK STAR with your time, persistence, and help. You’ve definitely helped take some stress away! <3

  3. Dad says:

    Great job once again Heather. Committing to paper means you’re serious about achieving your goals. One reason so many of your goals have come true! Great to see the photo of your first year suitemates again, brought back nice memories. HIEIAR!

    • Heather says:

      Padre, putting pen to paper is so important and that’s one of the reasons it took me so long to share this post. I wanted to figure out what I really wanted to say and put out there! Thanks for challenging me at the gym. I’m not adding any running goals this year, but it would be nice to take on a few 5ks.

  4. Adam @ PergiDulu says:

    I reckon you’re doing a great job of writing your blog! It’s something I want to do more of and probably will when I finish my job… Hope you get everything you want!

    • Heather says:

      Adam, I’m gonna take your “great job” comment and run with it…I haven’t posted as often lately, but I hope to again post-wedding. You’ll be back on it after your current gig.

  5. Toni says:

    These are some great goals lovely especially strengthening already existing relationships – I’ve done that for the past few months and it truly has and is continuing to pay off :)

    Now bake me something delicious :p

    • Heather says:

      Toni, when we meet one day, I will definitely bake you something :-) Unfortunately my next trip to England will only be for 2-3 days for a wedding and it’ll be a whirlwind (but oh-so-worth-it) trip.

  6. Debra Williamson says:

    I enjoy all of your writings and am so looking forward to what you’ll have to say about the honeymoon in HI!

  7. Wedding planning took 10 years off of my life no joke! How exciting about your 1st trip together!!!

  8. Lauren says:

    It’s so great how you have all these plans in place Heather. I need to follow your example. May this be the year of big dreams, beautiful days and accomplishing goals.

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