Sumo Salad: 11 meals in 15 days

Sumo Salad: 11 meals in 15 days

Written by Heather

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For years I’ve had a salad for either lunch or dinner almost every day of the week. Now by salad, I don’t mean lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and onion alone like you’d have for a side salad in the restaurants back home. I prefer spinach as my base, always include a protein like chicken or turkey, add a bit of feta, include a few veggies (usually cucumber, carrot, celery, and red or yellow bell pepper) and finish it off with just a dash of Annie’s Naturals Shiitake & Sesame dressing.

Since I’m a big fan of getting my daily intake of fruits and veggies, I found Sumo Salad to be a God send four years ago. Most travelers will probably shake their heads at me for spending $8.50-$9.50 a pop on a salad when I could buy the individual ingredients at the store and make my own. I counter that I’d rather spend a little bit more money to have a variety of options available to me and skip the smelly hostel fridge — where people are bound to move your stuff to a new location you’ll be lucky to find anyway.

On the side of the box it says, “A healthy body needs 5 serves of vegetables per day. The salad in this pail is packed with around 6 serves. A great way to keep the doctor away. Fresh for mind, fresh for body.”
Sumo Salad

On my first trip to Oz I had somewhere between 7-9 Sumo Salads during a 3-week stay. This time in my first 2 weeks, I’ve already surpassed that number — as of this afternoon I’ve been 11 times O:-)

What have I tried?

Check out these first 3 salads here.
Pumpkin & Pine Nut (my favorite during the first trip)
Grilled Chicken Low GI (my new favorite)
Vietnamese Chicken (tried it for the first time today)

Express salads:
Falafel & cous cous with balsamic dressing
Pesto chicken, fetta & avocado with walnuts

Falafel wrap

So far I keep going back to my favorites above but I’ll start branching out O:-) If I’m going to frequent the same chain for meals, the least I can do is try something different on the menu.

If you decide to check out the nutrition facts, for those of us who count in calories, be sure to divide the kilojoules (kJ) by 4 to get the approximate number of calories πŸ˜‰

Sumo Salad

And no, the good folks at Sumo Salad have no idea how much I love them, and I’ve received no free products to dedicate an entire post solely to their food. But yes, they are already on my list of places to consider working for once I stop the “Holiday” and begin the “Work” part of the visa.

Which salad or wrap should I try next?

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  1. Evan says:

    Do they have a frequent buyer card or anything? I love the Chinese food box :).

  2. James says:

    I loved there food when I was in Queensland along with Sushi Train. It’s a pity they’re not in good locations here in Victoria (unless you’re in the city centre). If I had a Sumo Salad and a Sushi Train close to me, I don’t think I’d eat anything else (except for the occasional burger fix :-))

  3. Mom says:

    Free advertising for SumoSalad…..Wow! 11 in 15!

  4. Nicole says:

    I’m glad SumoSalad was everything that you remembered it to be from your last trip! I can’t wait to try it myself when I come & visit you this fall (springtime in Oz) – YAY! πŸ˜‰ I know you’re trying to get lots of healthy veggies, but I also recommend you sample some of their yummy-looking soups to warm you up on those cold winter nights. The Creamy Pumpkin looks delicious!!

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