Epic East Coast Trip: The End

Epic East Coast Trip: The End

Written by Heather

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After cruising along highways, country roads, and blind curves (with our mad new driving skills!) for nearly two weeks, it was time for me and Brooke to wrap up the epic east coast road trip.

The last few days wouldn’t be complete without more fun culinary stops, as it had become our mission to visit large pieces of fruit or attractions focusing on one type of food.

There was a detour at the Ginger Factory for a ginger scone with ginger marmalade.

The Ginger Factory

We couldn’t miss the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour.

The Big Banana

The Big Banana

Lunch at The Pancake Place in Port Macquarie surprised me with a side salad that was even more pretty and tasty than the “pancake” itself.

Lunch at Pancake Place

Food is good. Friends are better.

While in Brisbane, I was also fortunate to see Adrienne, Jared, Kristin, and Jack again, in addition to meeting the lovely Bobbi for the first time. I love Tweetups.

Photo by Jack

We also really enjoyed our visit to the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie.

We spotted koalas resting high in the tree tops, and one was even fully awake and interacting with a hospital volunteer. Koalas come to the hospital for treatment from injuries or illness, and for a fee, you can adopt a koala for a year! The adoption fees are used for food and care of koalas currently staying at the hospital.

Koala Hospital Port Macquarie

Koala Hospital Port Macquarie

Koala Hospital Port Macquarie

Koala Hospital Port Macquarie

Return to Sydney

Following two weeks of driving, camping, and seeing some of the best the east coast has to offer, it was time for both of us to return to Sydney. Brooke has lived here for over a year, and I planned on making Sydney a temporary home. After 3.5 months of travel, I was ready to find a place to live and work. I’m fairly certain my bank account was more ready for the transition from on-the-go traveler to “resident” and employee than I was.

Within a week and a half of concluding the trip, I moved into a flat and secured a job — both in suburbs of the Inner West. I didn’t anticipate finding both so quickly, and life has taken on a very different pace and feel in the last 5-6 weeks.

All about life in the Inner West (new friendships, food, and adventures) coming soon(ish)…!

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  1. Andi says:

    What a fun end to the epic trip you were on!!! I heart koalas :)

  2. Jenny says:

    That trip sounds freaking awesome!

  3. Haha you got a photo of the crazy lady with the stick at the Koala Hospital… she was so rude waking up those sleeping koalas *sigh*

  4. did you get to play with the Kualas. the trip looks amazinv

    • Heather says:

      Didn’t get to play with them as it’s a hospital and only the volunteers interacted with the, but it was nice to see them and read their stories.

  5. Jade says:

    OMG! I so wish I was that guy standing so close to the koala! even the name koala hospital sounds cute!

  6. Rebecca says:

    i never get tired of seeing pictures of koala’s! (tho I am sure my family did:-)). and pictures of pictures! so cute. love it.

    gah, so jealous of all the americans in syd and australia at the moment. wish the twitter and blog community was more active when i was there (like only 18 months ago! crazy how much can change in such a short time.)

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