One Tree Hill locations in Wilmington, North Carolina

One Tree Hill locations in Wilmington, North Carolina

Written by Heather

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My entire family LOVES One Tree Hill and Dawson’s Creek.

I have my two younger sisters to thank for both shows. During my second year of grad school, I procrastinated on writing my thesis by watching back-to-back episodes of TV shows during winter break. I didn’t think I’d be interested in either show, but with just a few episodes I was hooked.

When we decided to visit Wilmington this summer, we knew we had to locate a few of the filming locations, and addresses are very easy to find online. Dawson’s parents’ house is on private property, so we decided to give it a miss and respect the family’s privacy, but we did scout out these easy to find, familiar spots.

One Tree Hill filming locations (and a bonus Dawson’s Creek spot)

We thought of Lucas Scott wearing a Scott Body Shop hoodie and dribbling a basketball as soon as we saw this bridge.

One Tree Hill filming locations

If you want to find this bridge from the opening theme from the show, it’s the 6th Street Bridge. You can find it near North 6th and Hanover Street.

One Tree Hill Bridge from opening song

On the Cape Fear River near the USS North Carolina Battleship you’ll find the former location of the show’s famous River Court. The basketball court was pulled up once One Tree Hill ended, but the location and views were unmistakable.

One Tree Hill River Court

The Scott brothers played high school basketball at the Whitey Durham field house, named for the Tree Hill Ravens’ coach Whitey Durham. We traveled to the Schwartz Center at the Cape Fear Community College to find the exterior of the gym. The building is on the corner of Front St and Hanover St.

Whitey Durham field house One Tree Hill

At the corner of Corner of Grace St. and N Front St. we found the familiar store front for the location that doubled as Karen’s Cafe and Clothes Over Bros. I’d love to open a cafe at this intersection!

Karens Cafe and Clothes Over Bros from One Tree Hill

From these locations, we moved on to finding the homes of three main characters.

Peyton Sawyer was my favorite OTH character. I wanted to see the exterior of her house.

One website directed us to 1901 Market Street, but it’s actually located at 1901 Chestnut St. When we stopped for a brief photo, another car full of devoted fans pulled up to do the same!

Peyton Sawyer house from One Tree Hill

You’ve gotta love Brooke Davis.

When we first meet BDavis, she’s living in her “red door” home.

One website mistakenly listed the address as 2341 Tattersalls Road. Swap the 1 and the 4, and 2314 will take you to the right place.

Brooke Davis house from One Tree Hill

Once we found the homes of PSawyer and BDavis, we had to find the home of Lucas and Karen Scott.

As we pulled up to 1829 Wrightsville Avenue, I wondered how many times the people on this street see folks like us pulling up for a quick picture. Thank you people of Wilmington for your years of patience!

Lucas Scott house from One Tree Hill

We ended our afternoon of driving with a visit to one of the most well-loved spots in the Dawson’s Creek series — the wall Pacey gave to Joey.

At first we couldn’t find it. In fact, twice before finding the REAL wall, we took photos of other walls and hoped we’d found the right spot.

Finally, we spotted THE WALL. The wall Pacey bought for Joey. The “ASK ME TO STAY” wall.

Directly across the street from The Reel Cafe at 100 S. Front St., we knew we’d finally found it. Just remove the outdoor dining furniture.

Pacey and Joey wall from Dawsons Creek

My first trip to Wilmington wouldn’t have been complete without an afternoon of driving around town, finding the locations above.

Are you a fellow One Tree Hill or Dawson’s Creek fan?

Have you ever visited the sets and locations of one of your favorite TV shows or movies?

Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Priya says:

    OMG! OMG! OMG! I LOVEEEEE ONe Tree Hill. I’ve watched all nine seasons three times. It’s my comfort show. My favorite character is Brooke! I can’t believe you saw BDavis and her Red Door!!

  2. Kathy says:

    I went and visited the various locales for Lost while on honeymoon in Hawaii. Favorite part was when I saw the wreckage of Flight 815 and Mr. Ecko’s plane. Got to go right up and touch it. But then, you knew that. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think you even helped with that plan. BTW, Wilmington is right near my Uncle and Aunt in Oak Island (near Southport).

    • Heather says:

      Kathy, I wish I could have seen the LOST sets! I remember how excited you were to see them and how I was just a touch jealous O:-) I can’t remember if you have photos or not, but I’m going to check in with you about that!!

  3. Ronja says:

    Wow, I’m really jealous you got there. I’m from Germany and it is nearly impossible for me to get there. In summer I’ll come to USA but I’ll go to Washington and Montreal and Wilmington isn’t exactly on the way. My best friend and I want to come to USA when we finished school but this will still take 3 years. Sorry when my englisch isn’t the best.

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