Busy summer in London: The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics

Busy summer in London: The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics

Written by Heather

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This summer is going to be a particularly busy one in London! In addition to the typical tourist crowd during the summer holidays, the city just celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and soon thousands of people will fill the city streets for the summer Olympics.

While it’s an exciting summer in London, I wonder how the visitors and locals are going to manage all of the traffic and inflated prices. I managed to get a reasonably priced flight for the month of May, and with so many friends and a fiance in London, I never have to pay for accommodation. From what I understand, there are still London hotels with availability — shocking with heaps of people about to arrive in a few weeks!

I managed to miss all of the traffic by booking my 1-month holiday in May, but I would have welcomed some delays on public transportation to be in London during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Streets, store fronts, and private residences were decorated with flag bunting and I loved it!





Throughout May, I only saw a few references to the Olympics. At Heathrow, a couple of small signs asked arrivals to alert Heathrow staff if they were affiliated with the Olympics. In the city, ads were posted in the Tube and train stations which encouraged locals to find alternate routes to work to avoid delays. The ads showed people pole vaulting and sprinting to victory ahead of other travelers!

Are you braving the crowds for London this summer? When have you visited a location in peak tourist season?

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  1. Gav says:

    The bunting is cool and it’s nice to get people involved.

    The problem with London, which any one in London or works in London will tell you, is that it doesn’t have the infrastructure to support the Olympics. It just about manages with the daily commute, add in the Olympics and no chance.

    So now they want companies to get people to work from home and spend money on alternative ways of working. They should have invested in the infrastructure, rather than waste money on other things.

    On a positive note, nice post babe, so glad you were here in May :-)

    Sorry to moan, but this is something we all knew way before bidding for the Olympics, they’ve had ample time to sort these things out and haven’t.

    • Heather says:

      You don’t need to apologize to me! The Tube and train are packed at rush hour and I can’t imagine adding in thousands more!

  2. London is going to be absolutely insane this summer! I remember feeling so overwhelmed by the crowds my first time there – I can’t imagine what it’ll be like with tens of thousands of people streaming in for the events. I think the excitement will only add to the city’s energy. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Heather says:

      The Underground is going to be crazy! I’ve already experienced it many times in rush hour — bless everyone that’s gonna be on there this summer with no choice :-)

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