Guest Post: Australian Sceneries Worth the Hike

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Australia, the sixth largest country on the planet, includes the area known as the continent of Australia and several Islands, including Tasmania. Along with its vast regions, Australia offers some of the most scenic hiking trails in the world. The following are five favourites that are well worth taking the time to explore

Tasmania – Overland Track


Beginning in October, Overland Track in Tasmania is one of Australia’s most popular trails. Treks can take from a half day to a full week to navigate. The sites are spectacular. With over 65 kilometers of trails varying in difficulty, the journey through St. Clair National Park’s Cradle Mountain is nothing short of stunning. Special features include Barn Bluff and Cradle Mountain to the north, Mount Pelion West, Mount Pelion East, Mount Ossa, and Mount Oakleigh in the mid-section, and toward the southern edge of the island, Lake St Clair. As with all tracks in Australia, it is suggested that trekkers buy travel insurance online as the hikes do present certain risks. Additionally, hikers need to arrange their visit through the Parks and Wildlife Services.

Northern Territory – Larapinta Trail

Northern Territory - Larapinta Trail

This beautiful trail is located in Australia’s Northern Territory and includes over 223 kilometers of track. Toward the western-edge is Mount Sonder and toward the eastern-edge is Alice Springs. The trail follows along the ridges and plains and includes the ridge-line of the West MacDonnell Ranges as well as the plains through West MacDonnell National Park. The region is both rugged and spectacular. It’s important to note that the Larapinta Trail runs through remote regions and hikers are encouraged to travel in groups. From the trailhead to its conclusion, the hike can take up to two weeks.

Western Australia – Cape-to-Cape Hike

Western Australia

The southern-corner of Western Australia is one of the most fertile and temperate regions in the country. Covering approximately 2% of the land, this region is mostly flat with the exceptions of Darling Scarp and Stirling Range. The weather tends to be milder, with cool, damp winters and dry, hot summers, making it ideal for hiking along the coastline. The Cape-to-Cape Track is a 135-kilometer trail that outlines the ridge between the lovely Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park and the lighthouses of Cape Leeuwin and Cape Naturaliste. The trail includes jagged cliffs, white sand and beaches, and seasonal sightings of whales. A point of interest is that guided and independent hikes can be organized for week-long tours, and day-hikes can be planned to the sandy beaches and lighthouses.

Western Australia – The Bibbulmun Track

Western Australia - The Bibbulmun Track

The Bibbulmun Track is over a thousand kilometers long. It crosses from Kalamunda to Albany. The trail provides a spectacular view of the scenery that WA is best known for… Jarrah and Karri forests and picturesque, rugged mountains. Packages are available for longer stretches, although it is possible to break the journey into shorter distances. Hikers can take advantage of major roadways and shelters conveniently spaced a day’s journey apart.

Victoria – Great Ocean Walk

The Twelve Apostiles

The Great Ocean Walk traverses over 100 kilometers from Apollo Bay to the Cape Otway Light-station. Hikers will enjoy the beautiful dunes, extensive beaches, eucalyptus and gum trees and trails that wind along the cliffs. Additionally, visitors can see the Twelve Apostles and guided tours are available.

The above hikes are just five of the truly spectacular sceneries worth taking a few risks to enjoy!

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From Pixabay – Tasmania, Larapinta Trail, Twelve Apostles
From wikipedia – Western Australian beach, Bibbulman tracks

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