Australia Roadtrip: South Australia

Australia Roadtrip: South Australia

Written by Heather

Topics: Life in Oz

After visiting Tasmania and Victoria on the Oz Roadtrip, Adam, Nicole, and I continued west to South Australia. I had already fallen in love with SA’s Adelaide and Coober Pedy ten months prior, so I couldn’t wait to see what else South Australia had to offer. As it turns out, I loved South Australia so much that it deserves two posts to do it justice in photos.

South Australia Wine

We visited three of Australia’s touristed wine regions in SA — the Coonawarra, McLaren Vale, and the Barossa. It should come as no surprise that we had mighty aims of serious wine tasting in each. After a winery, or two or three, we found that we’d had our fill. Still, it was nice to try new wines and discover that YES, there are a few reds that I enjoy.

One of the many wines I enjoyed

Empty plates and glasses after wining and dining our way through SA

South Australia Food

What kind of post is it from me if I don’t talk about food?

Starting off my birthday on the right foot — lemon myrtle pancakes served with quandong sauce (made from native bush fruit) and ice cream, ’cause that’s how Aussies do it. This was from the Bluebush Cafe at Arid Lands Botanic Garden near Port Augusta

Proof that I don’t always eat macarons, pastries, and other sweets! A trio of salads (Asian salad, Spanish bean, and Vietnamese noodle) from Jetty Food Store in Normanville — this place had yummy, healthy take away options. I highly recommend it.

South Australia Fun

I’ve never seen anyone try to make fast food seem like such a great idea

One of many botched signs we saw on the road…this one was outside a well-known foodie tourist destination

The name amused me greatly

Man, I love this show…one of my goals before I left Oz was to visit One Tree Hill and I made it happen in the last two months!

I was equally equally excited to visit drive through Virginia!

South Australia Part 2

In the next SA post, I’ll share the beautiful beaches, enjoyable drives, and pleasant surprises the diverse state brought my way. Until then, check out two videos the road trip trio took in South Australia.

South Australia wasn’t all fun and games…in Port Parham we encountered mice for the first time on the road

On St. Patrick’s day, we camped for free in the parking lot of a small community park, just behind a McDonald’s. Soon we found the half-way point between Australia’s east and west coast.

Featured image via Creative Commons.

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  1. Once again, sounds like a top roadtrip!

  2. jade says:

    Not visiting the wineries is something I really wish we had done in SA. We did go to a wine tasting on Kangaroo Island, but didn’t get the full experience. Sounds like a good time- and those pancakes… amazing!

    • Heather says:

      Kangaroo Island is still one thing I haven’t done! I thought of you when we saw the island from the mainland during a stop at a wind farm.

  3. Camille says:

    Pancakes and ice cream! Gotta love it. Now why haven’t we Americans picked up on this? Food for thought – or should I say eating?

    Love the photos and the writing and have loved watching so many memories for the three of you unfolding in the videos during the Oz road trip.

    • Heather says:

      I found I prefer syrup to the ice cream, but it is pretty fun to have ice cream for breakfast and for it to be perfectly acceptable 😉

  4. Kyle says:

    I am not a huge red wine drinker either so your post is giving me a little bit of hope. That being said, I do think it comes with age. I didn’t used to like any whites at all either, but now I actually really do enjoy sauvignon blanc! Mostly from Australia/New Zealand, actually…

    • Heather says:

      I never thought I’d like reds — maybe it does come with age! No matter how old I get though, I’ll always prefer a white and (surprise!) dessert wines make my day. Give me a moscato or wine made with late harvest grapes any day!

  5. Nicole says:

    Love your pics of the signs we saw in SA! I had forgotten about most of them until now. That fast food sign is pretty far-fetched, but you have to admire their attempt at creative marketing. We have a sign in our display window at Ghermez Cupcakes where I work that says something like “Our cupcakes are 50% fat free if you share them with a friend.” 😉

    • Heather says:

      Take a photo of that sign for me! Better yet, if it’s on a sticker or something, I HAVE to get one for a few people I know :-)

  6. Chris says:

    oooo when you went to Coonawarra you were so close to where I grew up in Casterton. It’s such a beautiful drive over that way.

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